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Custom Soap Labels for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have some fun new labels for you to use. Ask for them when you place your order! 

We have created four fun new designs especially for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to add a romantic or passionate soap scent to your line just for Valentine’s Day or whether you want to give some soapy Valentines, we have a soap label for you!

Custom Soap Labels for Valentine’s Day

What Can You Customize

For shop owners, you can customize your shop name, phone number, logo, etc. You can also change fonts, colors and add text boxes with any new information you may want on your label. Some shop owners like to put the city name on their labels, especially if their shop is in a tourist destination. Or some even like to add the state. Florida, among others, is a popular state for adding state info on soap labels.

For folks purchasing soap for favors, presents, or giveaways, you can customize your event details to the soap label on the demo and see exactly what your labels would look like. You too can change fonts, colors, can add text boxes with any additional information that you may want to add to your label. Adding the event date is a very popular choice for customization. If your even has a logo, you can add that too!

Valentine’s Day Custom Soap Labels

Want To Customize Them Yourself

If you would prefer to customize the labels yourself, check out our full range of new labels in our Etsy store. In our Etsy store you will find multiple listings for custom soap labels. When you click on the listings you will see a link for a demo. On the demo you can see a sample of what your labels will look like with your information. 

Want Us To Do The Customization

If you’re too busy or just find it easier for us to do the customizing, ask our office staff for your custom labels when you place your order. We can take any design you see and add your info to the label. Our team is ready to create your custom labels. Be sure to let them know when placing your order. 

How Much Does This Cost

We offer free custom labels with all bulk soap orders of 72 or more bars of soap and for 10 or more loaves of soap. We provide for all bulk orders as a free service if you would like the free labels. 

Custom Soap Labels for Valentine’s Day

Ordering Fewer Than A Bulk Order 

If you’re ordering fewer than a bulk order, no problem, we offer labels for $0.20 a label for orders less than 72 bars of soap and less than 10 loaves of soap.  Ask for your custom labels when you place your order. Our team will calculate the cost and add it to your order. 

How Do I Get Started?

You can get started by checking out our new line of soap labels through our Etsy store to see what’s available and to use our online demo. Or, if you know which label you want, you can ask for it when you place your order.

Add some Valentine’s Day fun and romance with our new custom Valentine’s Day labels. Ask for them today!

Why Bath Bombs?

Because they are fun and everyone wants one, or two, or more. Seasonal items like our new Freedom Bath Bomb are a great way to get new customers. Go here for our new selections.

The fall will be here before you know it. Start getting ready now with a complete line of fall bath and body products and you will be way ahead of the competition. Comment below on your favorite summer and fall scents.

Lots of Little Steps Equal Genius – Building a Soap Business.

Seth Godin said “there was not one single act of genius” in an interview with Tom Bilyeu  that you can find here. He was describing the act of developing a book series that was designed to get 12 year old boys interested in reading.

We had a visitor the other day to our soap workshop who was completely impressed with the systems we had set up to run our soap and bath bomb production. Looking around I said to him, these processes were mostly an  invention of necessity that had been implemented over time to address impediments to work flow. Basic problem solving. Seeing the end result of 12 years worth of work can look impressive, but the real story is the day to day grind that has made this end result.

Orange Orange Orange

At the beginning of each year we do an audit to see which fragrance was our largest purchase during the previous year. Traditionally it dad been either lavender or vanilla. To our surprise this year it  was orange. It wasn’t even close. Please lave a comment below and let us know which fragrance is your most popular and you will be entered into our weekly drawing.

This our orange aloe scrub soap loaf.


Perfect Handmade Soap, Never!!

The idea of a perfect product is the very idea that makes most of us freeze in our tracks and leave projects unfinished. If you start with idea that first iteration of any project is going to be shipped while  only 80% perfected you have overcome the the biggest obstacle to getting started. This will alway be your biggest challenge when starting out.


Improvements can and will always come as you continue through the manufacturing process with an improvement mindset.  Not only will this process get you started it will also help you get a better finished product. The idea of continuous improvement should be part of one’s daily thought process. Not only with your product which will be finalized at some point, but more importantly your processes

You Are Not Everyone’s Soap Maker

One of the biggest mistakes newbie soap makers make is trying keep every potential customer happy. Every weekend there will be a potential customer that asks for a soap that you do not make. You will be tempted to make this soap during the week. Then you never see that prospect again and your stuck with a soap no one else wants.

Keep a pad with you during sales weekends and track all requests. Once an item appears three times on your list, then, and only then do some extra surveying of customers to gauge demand for that item. Try and get some pre-orders before you make it. The promote it on your table or in your store. With-in a couple of weeks you should have your answer. Remember, be slow to add items, but once added promote them heavily to determine future demand. Good Luck!!


Why Do Your Biggest Customers Hurt so Bad?

If you have only one customer, are you really self employed? If you have 100 customers would you be more comfortable if one of those customers changed vendors than if you had just ten customers.

The biggest issue with large customers is they want you to change your business to suit them. Then you find that doesn’t work for the rest of your customers and now you have essentially created two(or more) businesses to suit your largest customer. Be very wary of doing too much custom work, as custom customers expect custom work at commodity pricing. Pictured above is a beautiful Dead Sea Mud soap loaf that we have requests for different custom looks and recipes all of the time. So far we have resisted and it continues to be a top seller for us.

Easter Gifts Than Don’t Make You Fat

Is this self serving? You bet. Bath and body products make amazing gift baskets. Give something that is different from every other Easter Gift Set out there. Bath bombs, bath salts, soaps and lotion make quality gifts that will be remembered well after Easter and can help grow awareness of your everyday offerings.

Quality, quality, quality will always make the difference. Use the finest items you can find direct from the manufacturer. Also look for end run items at your local dollar store or from merchandise liquidators. Good Luck.

Super Easy Handmade Soap Recipe

Find a recipe that works and stick with it. That is my advice to beginners making handmade soap. Too many times I will get questions about the technical aspects of soap making and different combinations of soap making oils. Once you get a recipe that works well and gets the traction you need with repeat customers stop adjusting your recipe and devote your extra time to marketing.

The following recipe is slightly super-fatted and is an easy 3 oil recipe that easy to obtain ingredients. I first saw this recipe here.

8 oz. Coconut Oil
14 oz. Olive Oil
11 oz. Palm Oil
4.8 oz. Lye
11.2 oz. Distilled Water

You can add 2 ounces of fragrance oil as a starting point for scented soap.

If you cannot find palm oil locally substitute vegetable shortening. I guarantee you will get addicted to soap making once you try it.

Good Luck!