Charcoal & Clay Facial Soap Recipe

Making soap is an age old process. Don’t be concerned about using lye in your soap, the reaction that takes place is for making the soap become soap and won’t have any reaction when using it on your skin. Be careful when mixing lye in your soap mixture, you will want to balance it out really well, if you do then you shouldn’t have a problem. Clay and charcoal soaps will not leave a reside and are excellent for cleansing the skin, especially on those with acne.

Key Takeaways:

  • Clay and charcoal are perfect for oily skin and do not leave residue.
  • A slow cooker, digital scale and stick blender are tools used in home soap-making.
  • Lye is used as a reagent in soap-making, but is caustic and needs to be handled carefully.

“Hot process creates a faster soap, and cold process often creates a smoother soap, though I’ve found both work great on my skin.”

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