Cold Process Soap: An Expert Guide to Making it at Home

Making soap is not a very difficult process and the art of soap making is done with ingredients that are very good for your skin. The art of the cold process in soap making is a tried and true method that has been practiced for quite a long time now. It involves mixing different types of oils and from there you can use your scents and colors to make it unique. The cold process preserves the ingredients in the skin softening ingredients and added fragrances.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cold process soap is created by combining specified ingredients designed to induce a specific chemical reaction.
  • This chemical process that transforms the specified ingredients into soap is called saponification.
  • Sodium hydroxide lye is the key ingredient in this cold process technique.

“A good cleanser is fundamental to a healthy skincare routine, whether your preference is a heavy-duty oil, a mild soothing cream, or an exfoliating scrub.”

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