If Craft Selling Makes You Uncomfortable, Ask Yourself This…

While selling your soaps and crafts online is a good way to make sales, there is still money to be made in face-to-face encounters at a market or craft expo. However, while you do want to profit from your work, the salesman aspect might stick in your craw. Even the word “sales” can bring up images of sleazy men in leisure suits trying to sucker a person into a Pinto.

If this image turns you off from face-to-face sells, then look at it from a different perspective. Ask yourself, “If this person buys my item, will their life improve?” Also ask, “Once this interaction with this person is over, will the world be a better place than when you began?” If the answer to both is “yes,” then there is nothing to be concerned about. You’re giving a good product to good people. There’s nothing shady or shameful in doing that. For more on this perspective, click here:: When You’re Selling, Always Ask Yourself These 2 Questions

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