Homemade Body Wash with Honey + Coconut Oil

Homemade body wash is a natural, DIY alternative to commercial beauty products. Honey and coconut add anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, plus will remove excess oily residue from skin. In addition to raw honey and coconut oil, this recipe uses liquid Castile soap, vitamin E, and several essential oils. Heat the coconut oil in a microwave, then whisk in the honey, essential oils and vitamin E. Slowly add the Castile soap while gently stirring. Transfer to a bottle. Note that the body wash will separate, so shake before use.

Key Takeaways:

  • I want to replace all my unnatural products with natural ones, honey is a great product.
  • There is a reason honey is in so many products now, because it has great anti inflammatory properties.
  • You can pretty much replace all your beauty products with four natural products, coconut oil being one.

“Whipping up a homemade body scrub is an addicting starting point because soon you’re thinking, what about the stuff I use everyday?”

Read more: https://helloglow.co/diy-body-wash

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