Horizontal Stacked Cut Soap – How to Cut a Loaf Horizontally

Soap is most often cut vertically, with parts of the middle and the top becoming the surface of the soap. The soap that you will want to cut will come out horizontally in a different case, and you can do this without a soap cutter with the help of tutorials that will allow you to see the types of cuts that they make. You can start with any design that you want, but you can learn to cut it different ways.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cutting a soap horizontally as opposed to vertically gives a different effect necessary for some designs.
  • Here are some tips for how to cut your bars of soap horizontally.
  • Check out these videos for more examples of horizontally-cut soap designs.

“Some designs, require a horizontal cut! I call this a stacked cut design. It is like the bars of soap are stacked on top of one another. The top of the loaf and the middle of the loaf are the surfaces of your bars.”

Read more: https://www.lovinsoap.com/2020/05/horizontal-stacked-cut-soap-how-to-cut-a-loaf-horizontally/

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