How to Make Cold Process Soap

Both types of process, hot and cold, yield the same or similar results when it comes to making soap. The hot process gets it done a lot faster if you are in desperate need of soap, you can follow along with the hot process of making soap. The cold process of making soap involves the use of lye. Lye can be a dangerous chemical if precautions are not taken, but it’s impossible to make soap without it and it is perfectly safe as long as you are.

Key Takeaways:

  • In cold process soap making, an alkali (lye) is mixed with a fat such as tallow, olive oil, or cocoa butter.
  • Use protective gear when working with lye and make sure children and pets aren’t around.
  • Essential oils, oatmeal and mica powders can be used to add fragrance, texture and color, respectively.

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