How To Make Natural, Homemade Soap From Scratch

Making your own soap is a great way to control ingredients, eliminate packaging waste, or just make whatever you want. Cold process soap making relies on a chemical reaction to turn lye and oil into soap. Working with lye does require safety precautions. For a basic cold process recipe, lye is poured into distilled water, then combined with oils such as coconut and olive. The mixture is then poured into a mold to cool. The recipe can be customized with additives such as essential oils, clay, dried herbs, and colorants.

Key Takeaways:

  • making soap at home allows you to add any ingredients that you want without all the added chemicals.
  • You can make soap with a cold process so that there isn’t any heating involved.
  • Lye can be dangerous, but as long as you are careful it’s fine, you need lye for soap to become soap.

“Soapmaking at home allows you to create a fully custom bar of soap – and is surprisingly easy.”

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