How to Make Your Own Manly Bar of Soap

Making soap can be a tedious process, because there are certain ingredients that don’t work well together, and can actually have some negative consequences. There are some ingredients that are better suited for a mans soap, and coffee grounds are one of the. Men enjoy more of a manly scent, versus a flowery one. Whatever the case, make sure you have some preparation before you officially begin, and make sure that you have all the right ingredients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Making soap can be a tedious process that you will want to be careful with, the wrong ingredients can lead to burning of the skin.
  • There are ingredients you can use to make more of a manly bar of soap, and coffee grounds is one of them.
  • Make sure that you prepare before you begin and make sure you have all the necessary ingredients.

“Coffee grounds are a perfect ingredient for removing disagreeable scents from your hands after, say, you’ve been cooking with a lot of garlic or fish, working on your car, or fixing the lawnmower.”

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