How to Research Your Ingredients: Part 2

With so many sources claiming the viability of different products, researching ingredients for homemade cosmetics can be an arduous task. For initial research, there is plenty of information in product descriptions, formulation guidelines, safety data sheets, and even marketing data. If you already have the ingredient, the first source you should contact for product information is your supplier. Sometimes, it’s best to consult scientific publications, like PubMed, if you want further information on these products and their effects on the human body.

Key Takeaways:

  • In order to gather information on ingredients you can check formulation guidelines, product descriptions, fact sheets, and more.
  • Before going into depth, first contact your supplier if you have any specification questions about the ingredients.
  • For more scientific information, and how products react with the human body, you should look at scholarly sources like PubMed.

“A good sample formula is basically a jump-start for using a new ingredient and/or for making a new type of product.”

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