Make Your Little Guys Big Heroes With This Fun Craft

We loved seeing the movie Big Hero 6 over the weekend. It’s a lot of fun for the family with great jokes and a great message. Great for the kids and even adults (who I know!) that have the big kid inside of them.

C’mon, everybody loves a hero! And now, with this new craft, you can carry around your own Big Hero 6 in your pocket. We have a fun little craft you can do together with your loved ones. It’s really simple, and so you can give the joy of having your young ones create the majority of this on their own.

It’s a tin carrying case made out of an altoids case. Now, to go along with one of the running gags in the movie, this is purposed to carry bandages. But you can actually use it to carry anything, and the design will still carry through.

The supplies are very simple and easy to obtain. It will be a lot of fun to do with your younger girls and guys and they will certainly enjoy carrying this around in their own back packs. That’s another reason why I think you can repurpose it. Instead of just having it hold bandages, let them use it as a carrying case for almost anything (well, anything that will fit into the case).

So take a look at the full (and simple) article, and have fun together.

Read the full article here: Big Hero 6 Craft: Baymax Bandage Tin

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