Number of Soap Sales Does Not Equal Success

Sadly, too many people believe that the number of sales you have made determines the success of your online soap or craft shop. It seems like the simple metric to follow, but many who don’t get giant sales numbers feel like failures when that is not the case. So what should a person do to accurately calculate their success in craft sales?

First, try not to let go of the personal accomplishment. Every sale you do make, no matter if it’s a giant number or not, validates you. Keep the thrill that someone enjoys your work. Secondly, it’s not the number of units sold, it’s the amount of revenue and profit the business is making. Someone with a larger sales number could be selling the product at a lower price. In fact, you could be actually making more money selling less goods than your competition due to the price difference. For more on this topic, click here:: Stop Focusing on the Number of Sales You’ve Made & Start Focusing on What Actually Matters

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