Orange Orange Orange

At the beginning of each year we do an audit to see which fragrance was our largest purchase during the previous year. Traditionally it dad been either lavender or vanilla. To our surprise this year it  was orange. It wasn’t even close. Please lave a comment below and let us know which fragrance is your most popular and you will be entered into our weekly drawing.

This our orange aloe scrub soap loaf.


7 thoughts on “Orange Orange Orange”

  1. Honestly, at the farmer’s market I sell at the runaway best seller for me is the Oatmeal Goats Milk, with lavender and lavender-lemongrass as second and third. I haven’t ordered orange aloe but I will with my next order!

  2. For soap, oatmeal milk and honey. For bath bombs, it’s lavender. I am not even offering a lavender soap right now, but if I were, it would probably be the favorite. I am surprised by the orange, though. I love it, but it is hard talking customers into it. I have tried selling the oatmeal milk and honey with orange EO, but comments are always “smells like baby aspirin! Just give me the regular OMH.” I can’t even get them to pop for orange dreamsicle.

  3. Im so glad to see a clean skincare recommendation! I want to make the switch, especially for the eye cream, night cream, and moisturizer, but certain fragrances make my skin break out. Can I purchase samples to see how my skin will react?

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