Organizing Ingredients and You

Ever wonder what that type of oil does? Or wonder what benefits this ingredient can add to a soap? Whether you are making soap as a hobby or as a business, it is important to know what your ingredients are, what purpose they serve, and how much you have in supply. It can get messy and disorganized at times, so what should you do?

Whenever you get an ingredient, clearly label it and insert the name into your own “database” via notebook or Word doc. As you have it listed, you may want to add whatever benefits it does (example: exfoliates, smells of roses) in case you want to try it in a new recipe. You may want make other documents with particular benefits at the headline and list ingredients that would add to that benefits (example: under “Heals Skin” put down “aloe”). This way you can have a complete database for you to quickly reference your inventory. For more on ingredient organization, click here:: How do I organize information on my ingredients?

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