Protect Your Craft Customers, Protect Yourself

Selling your items online can be a thrill. It’s great to see so many people willing to purchase your craft or soap. Sadly, there are many x-factors that could turn a sale sour and could potentially get you in legal hot water. That is why writing a thorough yet easy to interpret privacy policy, terms of service, and disclaimers page is essential.

This isn’t the fun part of running you own business, but every smart business has privacy policies, TOS, and disclaimers to make sure that the customer knows exactly what to expect and how their information is to be used. This will educate the buyer on what scenarios where you won’t be held accountable. It will also spell out return policies and answer other questions without doubts. This way both your customers and you will be able to do business without an unknown issue. To read more about TOS, privacy policies, and disclaimers, please click here:: Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Disclaimers

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