Where To Sell Your Soap

So you’ve gotten your products ready to sell, now the question is where to sell your own soap? Some options include community markets, online shops like Etsy, or inside actual retail shops, although that may be a bit trickier. It’s important to research your target market first to make sure you are reaching out in the correct way.

One of the most popular ways to sell soap is online. You have a large customer base and you don’t need to invest in additional costs for displays. Two of the most popular sites are Etsy and Ebay, then you can use a Facebook page to help promote them. There are many tutorials on how to set up shops and promote them with social media or a blog as well.

Selling at a market or craft fair is a great way to sell to your local community, and often has it’s advantages since people can see, touch, and smell the soap products. You’ll also get the opportunity to make relationships with people so that they’ll come back for more.

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