Selling Handmade Soap Fast and Easy

After you have completed making your amazing soap creation, the immediate question becomes, where do I sell my products? There are the traditional online outlets, Etsy,  Ebay, Amazon are outlets where  many soap makers have had success  over the years.
The number of sellers that directly compete with you is enormous.
One way to have success is to try different sales avenues than all of your competitors.



Local markets offer a way to get repeat customers with much less competition. Most markets open in the spring, so now is the time to start filling in application forms. I just found another online venue that is offering soap makers a great outlet Sell soap here.

One thought on “Selling Handmade Soap Fast and Easy”

  1. Hi Jeff, I find a lot of my customers on fb. I invite them to my house, they see what I have, next thing I know my stock has diminished quite a bit. People call me all hours wanting soaps, or bath bombs. I attend craft fairs, flea markets, mostly word of mouth. I’m amazed, and I love your daily help videos on helping people like me. Thank you.

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