Soap Making for Beginners: the Ultimate Guide for the Complete Newbie

There are a lot of articles out there espousing the benefits of making your own soap. A lot are simple tutorials that can be done without digging too deep. However, a lot of us haven’t done this before and want a more in depth breakdown of how you can make soap yourself. Soap is made by mixing lye and oil. Lye is a pretty dangerous chemical but shouldn’t be scary as long as you follow all the steps.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can’t make soap without lye, you cannot have one without the other, since they go hand in hand.
  • It can be dangerous to use lye, because it can clean drain pipes, but as long as you follow safety measures, you will be fine.
  • The purpose of the lye is just to eat up the oils that are in the soap to help make it more firm.

“Picking oils is the most fun part of creating a soap recipe. Each oil will bring its own property to the finished product.”

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