Super Easy Handmade Soap Recipe

Find a recipe that works and stick with it. That is my advice to beginners making handmade soap. Too many times I will get questions about the technical aspects of soap making and different combinations of soap making oils. Once you get a recipe that works well and gets the traction you need with repeat customers stop adjusting your recipe and devote your extra time to marketing.

The following recipe is slightly super-fatted and is an easy 3 oil recipe that easy to obtain ingredients. I first saw this recipe here.

8 oz. Coconut Oil
14 oz. Olive Oil
11 oz. Palm Oil
4.8 oz. Lye
11.2 oz. Distilled Water

You can add 2 ounces of fragrance oil as a starting point for scented soap.

If you cannot find palm oil locally substitute vegetable shortening. I guarantee you will get addicted to soap making once you try it.

Good Luck!


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