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Custom Soap Labels for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we have some fun new labels for you to use. Ask for them when you place your order! 

We have created four fun new designs especially for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to add a romantic or passionate soap scent to your line just for Valentine’s Day or whether you want to give some soapy Valentines, we have a soap label for you!

Custom Soap Labels for Valentine’s Day

What Can You Customize

For shop owners, you can customize your shop name, phone number, logo, etc. You can also change fonts, colors and add text boxes with any new information you may want on your label. Some shop owners like to put the city name on their labels, especially if their shop is in a tourist destination. Or some even like to add the state. Florida, among others, is a popular state for adding state info on soap labels.

For folks purchasing soap for favors, presents, or giveaways, you can customize your event details to the soap label on the demo and see exactly what your labels would look like. You too can change fonts, colors, can add text boxes with any additional information that you may want to add to your label. Adding the event date is a very popular choice for customization. If your even has a logo, you can add that too!

Valentine’s Day Custom Soap Labels

Want To Customize Them Yourself

If you would prefer to customize the labels yourself, check out our full range of new labels in our Etsy store. In our Etsy store you will find multiple listings for custom soap labels. When you click on the listings you will see a link for a demo. On the demo you can see a sample of what your labels will look like with your information. 

Want Us To Do The Customization

If you’re too busy or just find it easier for us to do the customizing, ask our office staff for your custom labels when you place your order. We can take any design you see and add your info to the label. Our team is ready to create your custom labels. Be sure to let them know when placing your order. 

How Much Does This Cost

We offer free custom labels with all bulk soap orders of 72 or more bars of soap and for 10 or more loaves of soap. We provide for all bulk orders as a free service if you would like the free labels. 

Custom Soap Labels for Valentine’s Day

Ordering Fewer Than A Bulk Order 

If you’re ordering fewer than a bulk order, no problem, we offer labels for $0.20 a label for orders less than 72 bars of soap and less than 10 loaves of soap.  Ask for your custom labels when you place your order. Our team will calculate the cost and add it to your order. 

How Do I Get Started?

You can get started by checking out our new line of soap labels through our Etsy store to see what’s available and to use our online demo. Or, if you know which label you want, you can ask for it when you place your order.

Add some Valentine’s Day fun and romance with our new custom Valentine’s Day labels. Ask for them today!

Product Pricing Guide for Soap Business Owners

Whether you’re making your own soaps and buying the raw ingredients or reselling wholesale soaps, you’ll want to know how to have accurate product pricing for your soap business. Are you considering your labor and overhead? Small costs are everywhere, even paper towels, so you need to be sure to account for everything.

In this guide, you’ll learn why if you don’t understand your product expenses and price your soaps accordingly, you’ll become very frustrated. You’ll learn how to determine your distribution model, which describes how you plan on selling your product. Then you’ll learn how to calculate the cost of goods, which is either the raw ingredients, materials, and labor, or the cost of pre-made soaps.

The final step requires a bit more math, but it explains how to determine your pricing strategy. Essentially you add the product cost of goods to the profit you are expecting to make and that’s how you get the price!

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Advice For New Soap Businesses

Starting new soap businesses can seem overwhelming at first, but creator of Bellabrice Body Care gives her advice on how to do it. She says that her advice to soapers just starting out is to take your time, and learn about the soap business before you start.

She said watching YouTube videos on how to make soap helps, and once you understand the safety precautions, it’s a fun and rewarding craft. You should also know the different types of soaps such as cold process soap, hot process soap, liquid soap, and melt and pour soap.

For inspiration, she turns to Facebook, Pinterest, and soapmaking blogs, and says her confidence was boosted by following the Soap Queen blog, Soap Queen YouTube, and the many projects made by Anne-Marie. Her goal as a soap maker is to make beautiful products, give back to the community, and run a successful company.

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Where To Sell Your Soap

So you’ve gotten your products ready to sell, now the question is where to sell your own soap? Some options include community markets, online shops like Etsy, or inside actual retail shops, although that may be a bit trickier. It’s important to research your target market first to make sure you are reaching out in the correct way.

One of the most popular ways to sell soap is online. You have a large customer base and you don’t need to invest in additional costs for displays. Two of the most popular sites are Etsy and Ebay, then you can use a Facebook page to help promote them. There are many tutorials on how to set up shops and promote them with social media or a blog as well.

Selling at a market or craft fair is a great way to sell to your local community, and often has it’s advantages since people can see, touch, and smell the soap products. You’ll also get the opportunity to make relationships with people so that they’ll come back for more.

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Give Manly, Mustachioed Men the Movember Soap They Deserve

This November, or “Movember,” men across the country are growing out their facial hair and sporting mustaches this month to raise money and awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. One way to join in the movement is to make some mustachioed soap bars to show your support and possibly sell to help fundraise cancer research. For a full tutorial on making soap with mustache molds, along with other Movember information, click here:: Movember Mustache Melt and Pour

Oust the Orange Spots Out of Your Soap

Cold process soap makers often have to deal with orange spots ruining the look of their soap. These orange spots can appear due to many factors: the soap’s oils have turned rancid due to age, there were heavy minerals in the water used to make the soap, there is high superfat within the soap, and so on. Avoiding those issues could keep your soap spot-free. Learn more causes of orange spots and how to prevent them here:: Dealing with Dreaded Orange Spots

Wash Away and Fill Wallets with Money Soap!

Soap makes a great stocking stuffer for your adult friends who enjoy the scent and for little kids if you put a small toy inside the bar or shape the bar into an animal. However, making soap that appeals to older kids might be tough. So bribe them! Create a soap bar that contains cold, hard cash inside to give teens a little bit more interest in hand washing. For a full tutorial on how to make money soap, click here:: Stocking stuffer gift: Money soap