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Give Manly, Mustachioed Men the Movember Soap They Deserve

This November, or “Movember,” men across the country are growing out their facial hair and sporting mustaches this month to raise money and awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. One way to join in the movement is to make some mustachioed soap bars to show your support and possibly sell to help fundraise cancer research. For a full tutorial on making soap with mustache molds, along with other Movember information, click here:: Movember Mustache Melt and Pour

Oust the Orange Spots Out of Your Soap

Cold process soap makers often have to deal with orange spots ruining the look of their soap. These orange spots can appear due to many factors: the soap’s oils have turned rancid due to age, there were heavy minerals in the water used to make the soap, there is high superfat within the soap, and so on. Avoiding those issues could keep your soap spot-free. Learn more causes of orange spots and how to prevent them here:: Dealing with Dreaded Orange Spots

Wash Away and Fill Wallets with Money Soap!

Soap makes a great stocking stuffer for your adult friends who enjoy the scent and for little kids if you put a small toy inside the bar or shape the bar into an animal. However, making soap that appeals to older kids might be tough. So bribe them! Create a soap bar that contains cold, hard cash inside to give teens a little bit more interest in hand washing. For a full tutorial on how to make money soap, click here:: Stocking stuffer gift: Money soap