The Hazards of Trying to Please Everyone

You have your business, and your target customers, you also have your products that you stand behind. Then one day, a customer comes up and asks if you have something, and you feel the need to start selling that to please those customers. Not only those customers, but other people must want it if one person is asking for it. This isn’t true most of the time. When you introduce a new product, you have to plan, spend money, create labels, and it might be all for nothing. Focus on your target customers, and know what your company stands for.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can’t please everybody, if you begin to sell what one person asks for, you will end up disappointed.
  • One person asking for something from you, doesn’t mean that you should begin to sell it.
  • Stick to who you are and the right customers will follow. Don’t waste time trying to please everyone.

“Often, makers also rush to make that scent, size or product someone asked for because, if someone is asking about it, surely it will be popular. And if you offer something for everyone, you will sell more.”

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