The Perfect Red Colorant for Soap Making

You could spend a lot of time trying to make your soap have some red coloring in it, only for it to run or for it to mix, and you not have your deep red coloring anymore. The type of oil used in this situation is very important as that will help to set the red coloring. The best coloring to use to get the most vibrant red color for your soap is trial by fire, which is a blend from nurture soap.

Key Takeaways:

  • You will have a hard time finding the right red color that has a perfect blend with the soap.
  • The oils you use as your base matter, make sure to use the right oils that won’t cause it to run.
  • Don’t add too much color at once, you can start small and build to that gradually.

“It can also be hard to find the perfect red that doesn’t bleed or color the lather pink. Almost impossible, actually.”

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