Tips to Attract Bloggers to Your Craft Product

Craft and soap bloggers are always looking for the newest item or product to feature. It gives the blogger content to write about and it also gives you a showcase to show off your work to prospective customers. So what can you do to attract bloggers to your wares?

First, make sure that your craft or soap is actually worth writing home about. A unique design, high value, originality, and personality always win out over normality. Also, be sure you have high quality photos of your craft products. This not only can help sales at your store, but also attracts the eyes of the bloggers and writers. There’s also no shame to approach a blogger that you enjoy, introduce yourself, ask if he or she would do a feature on you or your product, and send them a link with pictures. It can definitely help you promote your stuff. For a full article on this topic, click here:: 5 Things Bloggers Look for When Choosing Work To Feature

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