Tips for Swirling Soap with Natural Colors

Creating swirled cold-process soaps can be intimidating, but with a little patience and knowledge, it’s a craft that is fully worth it. Swirling natural colors can involve many techniques, such as towers, hangers, skewers, pouring methods, and a heavy dose of creativity. You can use artificial colors, but natural colors, such as that of a carrot, tend to look better and more organic. You can achieve the colors through powders from root vegetables, activated charcoal, cocoa and coffee, and so much more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Before trying to swirl soap with natural colors, you should be comfortable with cold-process soap making.
  • Natural soap colorants include annatto seeds, cocoa powder, spirulina, turmeric root, and more.
  • The key to success is slowing down trace, so avoid water-discounted recipes and saturated fats.

“Swirling cold-process soap with natural colors is a technique that not many soap makers do.”

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