Turning Your Soap Hobby into a Business

Making the transition from soap being a hobby to soap being a business can seem a little bit intimidating, but these 5 tips can help you make it happen. You’ll first need to decide important questions like if you have time, where you’ll sell, how much business knowledge you have, will you need assistance, and do you have a vision for your brand?

Next, in order to turn your hobby into a business, you need a plan, passion, and a little patience, it won’t happen over night. To start planning, you’ll need to determine the cost of goods sold. That includes raw materials, labor, and overhead to actually produce the products. Next you’ll want to find your nice! That means determining what makes you stand out from the rest of the competition. Focus on one pinpoint, and develop it.

Then you’ll need to develop a strong brand identity that people can recognize. Use this for branding, packaging, marketing, etc. This will also be important to use when posting on social media. Social media is a crucial part of your soap business, and you should be posting on numbers platforms every day. Check out the tips in the tutorial to get you started!

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