Want Repeat Craft Shop Business? Sign Your Work!

Have you ever been complimented on a shirt you’ve worn, a scent they smell on you from a luxurious soap, or an art piece on your mantle? Usually the follow-up question after the compliment is “Where did you get that?” Well, what if you forgot and the shirt had no tag, the soap’s wrapper had no name on it, or the art piece wasn’t signed? You’d have no idea what to tell your friend.

So don’t let that be your shirt. Don’t let that be your soap. Don’t let that be your artwork. Too many craft and soap sellers don’t label their wares and it hurts them. Many miss out on so many word of mouth sales because they didn’t pack in a business card with the package they shipped, they didn’t sign their name somewhere discreet on the artwork, or they didn’t stitch a label with their brand name on their clothing. “Label” isn’t a bad word; it’s a good marketing strategy. For more on the importance of labels, click here:: Label Maker: Don’t Orphan Your Micro Brand

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