You Are Not Everyone’s Soap Maker

One of the biggest mistakes newbie soap makers make is trying keep every potential customer happy. Every weekend there will be a potential customer that asks for a soap that you do not make. You will be tempted to make this soap during the week. Then you never see that prospect again and your stuck with a soap no one else wants.

Keep a pad with you during sales weekends and track all requests. Once an item appears three times on your list, then, and only then do some extra surveying of customers to gauge demand for that item. Try and get some pre-orders before you make it. The promote it on your table or in your store. With-in a couple of weeks you should have your answer. Remember, be slow to add items, but once added promote them heavily to determine future demand. Good Luck!!


2 thoughts on “You Are Not Everyone’s Soap Maker”

  1. Thank you Mr. Dorrian. Your advice is true, to the statement above. People have their favorites that’s for sure.
    What I do to introduce a new fragrance soap, is I announce on my fb page, Scented Gardens Soapworks, that I’m giving away samples of my new soaps. Can I see a show of hands for these new soaps? Yes, i pay the postage, most people live in my area, and just pick them up.
    This giving away of samples, promotes my soap, etc; and within a week, I have orders for those samples I sent my customers.
    I also try to upscale, ( get more orders) by selling more soaps. For instsnce, soap bars vs soap loaves. I sell the bars for $5, each, loafs for $27.80
    If i cut it, that’s another $5.0₩
    Anyhoo, one customer bought 5 bars of witch’s brew, for $25.00, I told him there’s 4 bars left and it has his name on it. He bought the other 4, for $20.00 total cost of 9 bars $45.00. Wheras, he could have just bought the loaf and saved himself $25.00.
    Everyone loves my soaps.

  2. Dear mr.dorrian,
    I just want to thank you for all the advice and key tip did you have given me as a beginner this is only my second time ordering my soap I have been giving away samples for people to try them I loved them myself my favorite vanilla raspberry so continue to bless us with such key advice and experience you are God sent for me I will continue to follow your lead to God be the glory

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