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Wholesale Soap

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All of our premium guest size soap is handmade and hand cut.
Our bars average just over 1.2 ounces each though some maybe slightly larger or slightly smaller.
2.75 x 1.5 x .5 inches

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These unique travel bars make great bed and breakfast items. The amazing lathering properties allow for use as a shaving soap. Even though they are not french milled we find the quality to be superior to that type of soap. I personally guarantee your visitor will remark on these bars. Many small hotel owners say this soap distinguishes them from the competition. Make a sampler available to purchase for your guests.
This soap contains botanicals and is 100% biodegradable. The are packaged 5 in a pack and come bare. if you need individual wrapping this is available for .30 per bar with your text on the card stock sleeve. Made in the cold processes European tradition, we guarantee our soap 100%. Some have herbs as de Provence tradition continues to inspire. Another common use for the soap is as favors for any special event. Creative box selection makes for a gift of exceptional character. Personalized soap can easily be incorporated by a wrapped bar with custom text.

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