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Does Importing Handmade Soap Equal Wholesaling?

No. Importing means retailing. In other words, buying straight from China instead of going to a wholesaler means you can charge his price-plus. The wholesaler has to stay in a competitive range with fellow wholesalers. So you get things cheaper buying from him, but even cheaper than that buying them for yourself without the middle man. Your profits will be better for selling fewer products than other retailers.

You could import from China or another country and sell wholesale too, though importing doesn't have to equal being in the wholesale business. A wholesaler has to really deal in huge volume to make a go and be successful. His profit margin is smaller than retailers. The person buying wholesale and selling retail has an even bigger profit margin. He can go from a 150% mark-up to a 900% mark-up. You have become an importer retailer.

Don't race to open a store. Sell at the flea market, on E-Bay, or ClickBank. You'll need to test your market-so wait a bit to start importing. Find a good wholesaler. Try selling a few different products. See what is hot and what is not. See what they will pay for a good seller. Begin a small business, buying a few products for sale. Stay small for awhile.

While you are experimenting you'll find out what sells best, what the best price is, how to present your goods, and the going rate on products. Watch out for the products that are more trouble to import-steer clear until later. When you get about eight thousand bucks saved and have enough experience. You can then go to China and import for yourself.

Article provided by Jeffrey Dorrian