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Ideas for Wholesale Soap Packaging

When a soap maker isn't ready to buy packaging in large quantities and get a discount, where does she turn? There are several ideas that can be used that aren't expensive so the soap maker can package soaps for wholesale cheaply.

One method is to buy some economical card stock, next bar commercial soap packaged in an old timey box. Take it apart gently opening it at the seams. Put the dismantled box on the card stock and determine where the folding lines and cuts are at. Trace the box onto the card stock. Now you have a box pattern to use when making your own packaging. Decide if you want stamp the box with a flower design or another appropriate one. Or you can stamp it with the list of ingredients.

Scrapbooking is very popular so that there are a lot of choices in paper for packaging from these sources. When packaging with this decorative paper you could do it like a gift wrap or just encircled it with a band of paper that is secured with your own labeling material. Christmas wrapping paper is another option.

Global Wholesale offers wholesale soap packaging from India and China. Elements Bath & Body sells wholesale soap packaging that is seventy percent recycled. To get the wholesale pricing for packaging at Simply soap you'll need to fill out the wholesale request form. The Box Co-op offers branded boxes at wholesale prices. This site http://www.ecustompackaging.com/ lists wholesale soap packaging companies.