When It Comes to Soap Selling, Location is Key

If you intend on selling your soaps in the marketplace, your location can make a huge difference. Depending on the type of customer your soap caters to, you may have to travel to fancier parts of town or a different city altogether. If your soap is more rustic, you may want to sell it at country fairs. For more on locations, please click here:: Location Location Location!

Down and Dirty Advice from Successful Soap Business Owners

While there are many who try to live off of their online soap business and struggle, there are many different paths toward success. If you are first starting out, you might want to know what has worked for the people who are living the dream you seek. A number of successful soap sellers started out just like you and have some wisdom to share.

Rachel from “The Daily Scrub” recommends that all soap businesses register, get insurance, and get appropriate licenses in order to prevent potential hassle later on. Jill at Calise Soapworks wants newbies to celebrate even the smallest successes and to learn from failures without beating themselves up. For more words of advice from soap success stories, please click here:: Top Soapy Business Advice of 2014

Get a Floral, Rustic Scent Using Pink Clay & Primrose Soap

Using some pink Brazilian clay, primrose extract, and rose petals, you can make a wonderful hand-milled soap at home. This soap is perfect for soap crafters that want to make a great soap without having to work with lye. This makes a great decorative soap to attract the eyes of soap shop customers. Get the full recipe here:: Pink Clay and Primrose Hand-Milled Soap

Write a Good Newsletter, Collect More Soap Customers

13800216_s_bwRunning a successful online soap shop means trying to reach as many ideal customers as you can. Offering an email newsletter can help interested potential customers catch-up on what’s new at your shop. However, there are some newsletters that aren’t effective and just clutter the inboxes of customers. How can you improve your newsletter?

First, use an effective title/subject line in the email, something catchy or a description of one of your new products. “October Newsletter” tells me nothing. Next, be sure that your newsletter is full of content, links, and quality photos so that it is interesting to read and keeps your customer’s attention. This will pay off since even if they don’t buy anything from that newsletter, they’ll appreciate the content and look forward to the next one to peruse other items they might enjoy. A great newsletter can make all the difference. For more newsletter tips, click here:: 5 Steps to Build a Better Newsletter

Never Lose a Client’s Email or Recipe File Again

When you’re running an online soap or craft shop, there’s more office work than you think. You’ll want to have photos of your products and a bio on-hand in case the local paper wants to run a story about your business. You’ll want to keep email addresses of certain customers or consignment shops in order to keep track of orders. There will be soap recipes you’ll have to reference since there are too many to commit to memory. All of these things can be easily lost with a click of a mouse. So what can you do?

Put safeguards in place. Store your recipes and non-private information onto a cloud service like Dropbox. Keep copies of your emails on a separate hard drive, clearly labeled. Lastly, you can also “go analog” and have printed or handwritten copies of recipes or a list of emails/contact info. Keeping everything in place with back-ups can help when hiccups occur. For more on craft shop data organization, click here:: 4 Systems You Should Have in Place to Ensure You Never Lose a File or Email Again