Why Should You Make Your Own Soap?

You should make your own soap if you prefer to have input into the kind of ingredients that you want in your own soap. It could be a fun hobby or even a lucrative side business, but if you are just wanting to make soap to save money you might not want to get into doing it. The supplies you need to make it can be costly. If you are interested in having a long term solution to wanting your own ingredients in your own soap, then go for it.

Key Takeaways:

  • Making your own soap can be great just for the reason of saving money. It costs around $7 per loaf which is a lot more than what you get at the store.
  • Much of the soap you get at the store is a kind of rip off being sort of like a condensed detergent bar.
  • With real soap you get a product that moisturizes as well cutting out the need for moisturizing lotion.

“We have very rarely needed body lotion since using homemade soap, and many people have that experience as well.”

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