Tools You Need To Make Your Own Soaps at Home

If you are stuck at home during the coronavirus and want to save a little bit of money, or just do something fun, you can create your own soap. You will need an immesion blender to emulsify the oils and a digital scale to measure the weight of the soap. You’ll also need a mixing bowl to mix the oils together and a spatula to scrape the oils out. You also will need a double boiler or a microwave if you plan on including something like cocoa butter into the soap.

Key Takeaways:

  • If your kitchen is also your soap-making lab, dedicate official time and space to the creation of soap when you will not be preparing for a meal.
  • Create a checklist for needed ingredients, tools and specifically required steps prior to embarking on your soap-making.
  • Since soap-making measurements are by weight, you must have a precise digital scale for your ingredients.

“A stick or immersion blender helps to emulsify the oils and lye solution to create the soap. Doing this manually can be a long process to achieve trace, but thankfully the immersion blenders on the market that have made this job so much easier.”

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