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to the largest selection of handmade artisan soap anywhere on the internet, with over 350 styles to choose from!

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Handmade Artisan Soap Loaves

In todays handmade soap market there are an amazing amount of wonderful soap makers to choose from. When making the choice of which wholesale vender to go with be sure and ask a few simple questions.

How long have you been selling bulk soap?
Do you have product liability insurance?
Are your products manufactured here in the USA?
What is your turn around time for standard products, custom products?
Have other resellers had success selling these products?
Do you have bulk discounts for larger quantities?
Are you available if I have any further questions?

Please call us with any questions you might have about our products or business practices.

You can rest assured than none of our wholesale soap is imported from China but made right here in northwest Indiana about an hours drive east of Chicago. We are never going to be the type of company that is trying to become a supplier for Cosco or any other kind of big box retailer. We buy from local suppliers, with 90% coming from midwest suppliers and farmers. Our small manufacturing workshop sells to every type of jobber and small retailer. Our biggest single group of customers are actually other soap makers trying to keep up with their customer demand. Resellers of our products report extremely high repeat business and satisfaction.

Since we started making soap over 11 years ago the complete focus on our business has been to offer our customers original and unique wholkesale soap blocks at reasonable price points where they would be able have margins that allowed them to have a successful business. To that end we continue to introduce new products and original fragrances on a monthly basis. The beginning of each calender year finds us with time to do the product development that will carry us through the year. This year we have had a very successful development period as reflected in all of the new items you now see offered at thesoapguy.com We are especially proud of our line of artisan soap logs. These have been met with extraordinary positive from our customers and theirs. I have tried to impress on all of my customers the importance of having unique products that will distinguish one from ones competitors. This is the case with these amazing artisan soap loaves. Each one with a great layered look. Also to add to the unique charm of each loaf is the textured top. We have gone out of our way to make sure that you, our customer is offering a great and unusual soap product to your customers.

Along with all of our new soap selections are the lotions which are now available in gallon format, our body butters, sugar scrubs and mud soap. This is a diverse lineup of quality products that have taken us a long time to develop. Many of the items are at least a year in the making. We initially offered a quality lotion that we purchased from another manufacturer but have since moved this production in house. This process took us more than a year. We wanted to be sure we had the exact right formula for the quality expectations of our customers and we are happy with the result.This same painstaking process is true of all of our products. If you see a new soap you can be assured that it is rarely completely successful on the first try. This is why custom soap can be real tedious and costly process for our customers. The nice thing to know is that we already have over 350 tried and true soap choices available for our customers immediate benefit.

Article provided by Jeffrey Dorrian

Jeffrey Dorrian

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