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Our list of soap A-L

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The finest handcrafted soap loaves are available at wholesale prices for you. These loaves easily cut into 10 large bars. The wholesale price for each loaf is $22.00. Buy 4 loaves and get your 5th loaf free!! Plus free shipping! That makes your final price $17.60 per loaf delivered.

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This is A-J

African Violet


Almond Coconut


Almond Spice


Apple Cantaloupe


Apple Rose


Apple Spice


Apricot Chamomile


Baby Powder


Banana Coconut Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*

Banana Orange Smoothie


Bay Rum


Berry Blitz


Black Forest

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Black Soap


Blueberry Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*

Bondi Breeze


Butt Naked


Café Mocha


Cherry Almond


Chocolate Mint


Cinnamon Latte


Cinnapear Goat's Milk


Citrus Splash Goat's Milk


Cool Citrus Basil


Cool Fresh Aloe


Cool Water


Cool Spring Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*

Cotton Blossom


Cucumber Melon


Cranberry Spice


Bluegrass Brook


Blue Sea Goat's Milk


Desert Sage


Dragon's Blood


Egyptian Musk


English Garden

Eucalyptus Aloe


French Pear


French Vanilla Biscotti


Grapefruit Tea Tree Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*

Gobi Gold

Gold Moss Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*

Green Tea Verbena Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*

Hawaiian Sunshine






Hydrangea Rose Goat's Milk


Iced Lemon Biscotti


Island Citrus for Men Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*

Jamaica Me Crazy


Jasmine Lime Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*

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