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Soap Loaves list K-P

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This is K-P

Mandarin Mint


Kaffir Lime




Lavender Lemongrass


Lavender Mint


Minty Lavender Goat's Milk


Lavender Patchouli


Lavender Verbena Scrub

Lemon Coconut


Lemon Jasmine Mimosa


Lemon Mint


Lemon Verbena




Lemon Zest



Mango Delight


Mango Papaya


Mango Salsa Scrub


Mississippi Mud


Moonlight & Roses Scrub


Moroccan Vanilla Goat's Milk


Mountain Air


Nag Champa Mud


Oak Moss Lavender Scrub

Oatmeal Goats Milk


Oatmeal Milk and Honey


Oatmeal Spice


Orange Aloe Scrub

Orange Cinnamon


Orange Oatmeal



Orange Patchouli



Peach Tea Scrub



Pink Lemonade Scrub



Plumeria Aloe


Pomegranate Cherry


Pumpkin Spice

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