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Soap Loaves list M-Z

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Artisan Soap Loaves

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This is K-P

Mandarin Mint


Kaffir Lime




Lavender Lemongrass


Lavender Mint


Minty Lavender Goat's Milk


Lavender Patchouli


Lavender Verbena Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*

Lemon Coconut


Lemon Jasmine Mimosa


Lemon Mint


Lemon Verbena




Lemon Zest

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*



Mango Delight


Mango Papaya


Mango Salsa Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*


Mississippi Mud


Moonlight & Roses Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*


Moroccan Vanilla Goat's Milk


Mountain Air


Nag Champa Mud


Oak Moss Lavender Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*

Oatmeal Goats Milk


Oatmeal Milk and Honey


Oatmeal Spice


Orange Aloe Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*

Orange Cinnamon


Orange Oatmeal



Orange Patchouli



Peach Tea Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*



Pine Tar


Pink Lemonade Scrub

*Requires Soap Cutter to cut.*



Plumeria Aloe


Pomegranate Cherry


Pumpkin Spice

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