Keys to Get Authentic & Effective Craft Customer Testimonials

One of the better ways to entice potential buyers of your craft is to include testimonials from previous customers. However not all testimonials are created equal. In fact many testimonials can hurt more than help. So what separates a good testimonial from a poor one?

First, when picking a good testimonial, include any skepticism or initial uneasiness the customer might have had. It isn’t to put your product in a poor light, but this might hook readers who may have similar feelings like the ones being described. Writing purely positive things and using “!” after every sentence comes off as phony even if the writer is being sincere. Since obviously the testimonial will end up with a satisfied customer, including the initial concerns or skepticism will have the reader see that it is ultimately unfounded. This eliminates roadblocks that could lead to a sale. For more tips on effective craft product testimonials, click here:: Getting Great Testimonials

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